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Building Better Cultures

Hosted by Scott McInnes, founder of Inspiring Change, we talk to guests about how really good internal comms, engagement and leadership all contribute to 'Building Better Cultures'. We tend to shy away from theory and focus more on really practical advice, great stories and best-practice.

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Jul 18, 2019

"If you don’t continually learn how can you grow as a leader?" ​

Joyce is a career banker with over 20 years of experience in the sector.  Deciding that college wasn't for her, she took a role in the Bank of Ireland from school and spent 14 years there before moving to Ulster Bank in 2003. Within a year she became an Area Manager, a role she held for four years before she was asked to set up an Academy for retail staff, her first foray into L&D. A role as Head of Learning for the bank followed in 2009.

In 2018, having spent 10 years evolving the learning offer in Ulster Bank, Joyce became Head of Leadership & Talent. In 2019 she won the Irish Institute of Training and Development's award for Outstanding Individual Contribution.

Show Notes:

2.20 - A bit about Joyce – 7.50 – What makes a leader a great leader – 12.15 - Are leaders born or made – 18.50 – Career playgrounds and lateral moves – 19.50 – The role of L&D in creating great cultures – 20.45 – Culture is a big focus in Irish Financial Services – 22.46 – L&D as a strategic enabler – 23.45 – Chief Meaning Officers and translating strategy – 25.40 – Role of leaders in creating engaging workplaces – 28.00 – A leader’s role in change - 30.00 – How can organisations create strong L&D strategies? FOCUS! 32.30 – Partnership with the business is key to success – 34.00 – You need to ask, ‘How are we building capability? 36.05 – Joyce’s advice for herself – ‘Get up, dress up, show up and never give up.’