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Building Better Cultures

Hosted by Scott McInnes, founder of Inspiring Change, we talk to guests about how really good internal comms, engagement and leadership all contribute to 'Building Better Cultures'. We tend to shy away from theory and focus more on really practical advice, great stories and best-practice.

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Oct 25, 2021


Startups are known for being fluid, nimble and open to experimentation. In this episode of Building Better Cultures, Host Scott McInnes’ guest is someone uniquely positioned to explain the mindset and best practices under which these ventures thrive. Chief Marketing Officer for MUSH, a Chicago-based food...

Oct 11, 2021


Culture in the workplace is often assumed to be human-to-human contact in the office environment, so the concept of culture in a solely remote business, on the surface, seems irrelevant. On this episode of Building Better Cultures, Scott discusses the importance of culture within a remote-only business...

Oct 7, 2021

In this episode, Scott talks about why recognition, why it's important and some ways to do it in a way that's authentic and builds price among your people
Key takeaways:
➡️ Recognition is an important leadership skill that improves employee engagement.
➡️ A simple 'Thank you' is often enough - but...