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Building Better Cultures

Hosted by Scott McInnes, founder of Inspiring Change, we talk to guests about how really good internal comms, engagement and leadership all contribute to 'Building Better Cultures'. We tend to shy away from theory and focus more on really practical advice, great stories and best-practice.

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Jun 29, 2021


Friends of the Building Better Cultures podcast, Ireland Together ( ran a series of mini-conferences focused on the next great reset—returning to the workplace. They asked Scott to facilitate a discussion on the Future of Work—what we will do, how we will do it and where we will work...

Jun 21, 2021

If it were up to Stuart Lancaster, he’d make emotional intelligence, communication and leadership core subjects starting early on in school. The nationally recognized rugby coach and high-performance leadership expert shares his experience and insights  -- on and off the field -- in this episode of the Building Better...

Jun 16, 2021

Some thoughts in this episode on the power of linking and labelling. It’s something that we often don’t focus on enough when it comes to internal communications and it's REALLY powerful!

Key takeaways:

➡️ What linking and labelling is and why it’s important 
➡️ How it can turbocharge engagement around your...

Jun 7, 2021


Words matter -- whether the goal is to promote buy-in among staff, save time on internal communications or create a more inclusive workplace culture.

In this episode of the Building Better Cultures podcast, Scott McInnes invites Charli Nordone, group creative director at The Writer, to take a deep dive into the...

Jun 2, 2021

This week a couple of thoughts on the idea that 'Awareness Precedes Action' - that if we don't take the time to realise that we can change the way we do things, nothing will ever change.

3 key takeaways:

➡️ Why it's important to take time to reflect.
➡️ Using your company values as a lens for decisions