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Welcome to the Inspiring Change Podcast.  I wanted to create a platform through which I could talk to leaders about their views on internal communications, employee engagement, change and the role of leaders.  And I wanted to be able to share that with others who may be interested in hearing those views - so this podcast was born. 

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Aug 24, 2020


Brendan didn’t come from training or HR but started in advertising and marketing – but it was ‘why do people do what they do?’ that fascinated him.

Coming from a competitive sailing background he saw the power of chemistry and leadership when it came to bringing together teams.

He started SeachangeNow in 2006 to help leaders to be the most effective, human and impactful they can be.


2.30 – Brendan’s background – 8.20 – Senior leaders are disconnected from their teams – 10.15 People have less time to talk about how they’re feeling – 11.40 – Empathy - SMEs are more tuned in – 13.15 – An opportunity for CEOs to make a difference - 15.50 – The role of culture during change – 16.30 – Organisations are having a culture crisis - 19.00 – Cultural rebirth is underway - 20.55 – The COVID opportunity – 25.10 – But how do you make that change? – 28.10 – Reframing your thinking is key – 30.40 – The criticality of people leaders – 34.00 – Doing the right things attracts the best talent – 35.40 – Change starts with individuals