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Building Better Cultures

Hosted by Scott McInnes, founder of Inspiring Change, we talk to guests about how really good internal comms, engagement and leadership all contribute to 'Building Better Cultures'. We tend to shy away from theory and focus more on really practical advice, great stories and best-practice.

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Jul 20, 2020

Pedro Angulo (not a Kerry name as he reminds us!) is Head of Leadership Development in AIB.  

As he told us in his first appearance on this podcast (Ep8), his focus is on helping leaders to be the best they can be and ensuring they “show up” in a way that’s engaging, respectful and caring.

​In this episode, we focused heavily on the past few months of COVID lockdown, what has set leaders apart and some of the things we’ve learned that businesses should be looking to retain.  Outside of AIB, Pedro is Programme Director in the IMI and is a former President of the Irish Chapter of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

Show Notes:

2.30 – People and leaders in times of change – 4.40 – The impact on how leaders lead? – 5.40 – Key stages of crisis leadership – 8.30 – Flexing leadership styles – 10.15 – Reflecting and self-awareness - 12.15 – Firefighting the ‘urgent-important’ – 15.00 – Good leadership is about direction and energy – 17.40 – We need to challenge assumptions more - 19.00 – Trust, leadership and flexi-working – 23.00 – Practical tips for successful flexi-working – 30.00 – Culture – rewarding what’s right – 32.00 – Purpose and values to grow culture – 32.30 – Culture change takes time – PERSIST – 35.15 – How do we grow from this? – 39.40 – Retaining positive practices