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Building Better Cultures

Hosted by Scott McInnes, founder of Inspiring Change, we talk to guests about how really good internal comms, engagement and leadership all contribute to 'Building Better Cultures'. We tend to shy away from theory and focus more on really practical advice, great stories and best-practice.

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Sep 2, 2019

"The mushroom theory of 'feed them $&*% and keep them in the dark' is gone" ​

Orlaith has had a number of different careers within a career. She started her career as a journalist in local radio and then with RTE before co-founding Gavin Duffy and Associates. Her focus was very much on media relations training, coaching and supporting thousands of business and political leaders.  In latter years, however, that naturally broadened out into leadership development, talent development and leadership coaching.

Today, Orlaith is a coach and leadership consultant, spending much of her time coaching leaders and helping businesses to cope with the changing world of work - from working with Millennials and GenZs to maximizing retention, creating purpose and driving career ownership.


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Show Notes:

2.00 - A bit about Orlaith – 4.00 – How people feel during transformation is key – 5.40 - What makes a great leader – ‘emotional intelligence and authenticity – 7.05 – The impact of leaders of customer experience – 10.20 – Defining mission, vision, values and purpose isn’t enough – 13.15 – Some thoughts on culture – 16.40 – Leader as a coach (not commander) to engage millennials and GenZ – 19.30 – Practical thoughts on coaching leadership – 22.00 – Getting buy-in to culture change - 28.30 – Authenticity and self-awareness – 42.20 – Orlaith’s advice for himself – ‘You’re capable of so much more that you’ll ever imagine – believe in yourself!’